About us


The HERON Network is funded by the Wellcome Trust and is currently led by Professor Stephani HatchDr Cerisse Gunasinghe and Dr Charlotte Woodhead at King’s College London.


Aims of the Network

  • To provide a forum in which health practitioners, researchers and community members can share their experiences and information in order to further understand the problems affecting health
  • To empower individuals within their neighbourhoods and communities by providing an environment to voice their opinions and contribute to a dialogue on health inequalities
  • To highlight health inequalities through a variety of mediums and work towards reducing these inequalities


Some questions HERON would like to address:

  • What are the main factors that cause inequalities in health and health service use?
  • Are certain individuals discriminated against within the health care system? Do certain groups need specialised/additional support?
  • How can we highlight inequalities in health and health service use in a way that is tangible and can be used to effect change in the community?
  • What is ‘well being’? What can individuals and communities do to achieve well being?
  • What does empowerment mean in relation to well being? And how can service providers and health practitioners empower individuals and communities
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